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When you can not append to a tape or the search funtion can't find anything
This is a message about appending problems, you may have.

I am mis-using BackupExec and a LTO dirve as an archive, not as a backup.
So, I write once and store the tapes.

Appending goes very well, when you are writing lots of data for the first time.
When the tape is full, you are asked to put in a new one, and the writing continues.

You may have noticed, your second tape is not completely full.
So, next time you may decide you want to use it again, to append data to it. Fill it up, so to speak.

Now very often a problem occurs.
You start the backup job, put in the half filled tape.
Backup Exec keeps kicking the tape out, over and over again.
It will not accept this used tape to write on.

There is a solution to this problem!
You must group your media in backup exec.
This is called a media set.

1. On the navigation bar, click Media.
2. Under Media Set Tasks in the task pane, click New Media Set.
3. Type in a name you can remember and recognize easily.
4. Drag all the tapes you are using, into this Media Set.
5. Set the media set to:
* Overwrite protection period = Infinite - Don’t Allow Overwrite
* Append period = Infinite - Allow Append

++ And now the most important trick! ++
Next time your going to do a backup, SELECT THE CORRECT MEDIA SET.
If you do not select the correct media set before starting backup, your half filled tapes are not accepted!

When you prepare for backup, you'll see the "device and Media" tab.
You'll see "when this job begins" with choices like "overwrite" and two options for "append".
Look a bit up, you'll see: "Media set:"

If you select the name your media set has, all half filled tapes will be accepted and filled until they are full.


Other tips:

Label your tapes with the name BackupExec gives them. They have to be the same. Never mind giving the tapes nice names. Backup Exec will ask for the names it made up. Keep those names exactly the same or you will not find the correct tape when restoring.

The catalog search function will not find ANYTHING unless you type like this: *hello* If you use TWO ASTERIXES, one in front and one behind, you will find everything!!!

On your PC, put your projects in folders with unique numbers. If you search for the unique number in the Backup Exec catalog, you'll find it back again. No more thinking where to look for.

Take the tape out of your LTO drive when done. The drive will last much longer.