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Winners Chosen for Symantec Data Center Games!
Congratulations to our Symantec Data Center Game winners for the month of July! Winners were selected from a random drawing of names from the top 50 scores from both games for the month of July.

  • First Place - Deepak Waghmare, of Miele Security won 1,000 Symantec Connect Reward points
  • Second Place - Frank019 won 500 Symantec Connect Reward points
  • Third Place - John Atkins, of Lifeway won 250 Symantec Connect Reward points
As registered users of Symantec Connect, these prize winners will have the opportunity to continue to accumulate points or redeem the points now for a prize. Click here to read more about the Symantec Connect Rewards program.

Coming in Fall, anyone who plays can submit their name at the end of the game, to be entered into a random drawing, no need to be in the Top 50, although we will still be tracking the top 50 scores for users to view. The winner of the Fall drawing, which will close on November 30, will win an iPod.

Stay tuned for more information.