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You’re invited – NetBackup usability studies coming up!

Level 3

We would love to invite you to get involved in helping us shape NetBackup by participating in one or more of the studies below.

Study 1

For this study, we are looking for NetBackup administrators who as part of their daily tasks examine NetBackup using ‘Activity Monitor’. We would greatly appreciate your insights on the type of challenges you face while monitoring jobs in NetBackup. We will also show you some design mockups to gather your feedback.

Session dates: July 25th -31st

Study 2

We are looking for NetBackup administrators who as part of their tasks edit properties for master servers, media servers and clients in their environment. In this session, we would like to get your feedback on how we can improve the existing host properties to make it easier for you.

Session dates: Aug 6th - 9th

To participate, you need

  • A willingness to share your constructive feedback
  • A telephone and an internet connection
  • To fill out a Usability Agreement for informed consent and non-disclosure purposes since we will be sharing confidential ideas that are still in design

Here are the details

  • During the remote 90 minute session, you would be asked:
    • Introductory questions
    • To walk through few tasks where we request you to think aloud and provide your feedback along the way
    • Closing questions about your experience
  • As thanks for participation, we will offer you a $175 gift card redeemable at a host of vendors.  Please let us know in advance if this is not permissible by your company policy.

Interested and available? 

Great!  The next step is to take the survey so that we know a bit more about you. 

Access survey:

For study 1:

For study 2

Please respond as soon as possible, so that we can secure a time slot for you.

Looking forward to your participation,