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Enterprise Data Services Community Blog
Enterprise Data Services Community Blog is the perfect place to share short, timely insights including product tips, news and other information relevant to the community.

Blog Articles

Invalid Server When Connecting to an NBU Client

ISSUE After an attempt to resolve a license key issue described in the support reference below, we ran into another problem with connectivity. S...


Datastore Utilization Alarm Trigger Test

I had an opportunity to conduct datastore utilization alarm test at 95 % utilization. The datastore criticl alarm was set to 95% and the free space was set to 10% before the customer implemented VMwar...


United Kingdom Backup & Archiving User Group Update

There have been a number of things happen recently in the NetBackup world, here is a summary of some of them. NetBackup 7.7 NetBackup 7.7 was released on 7th July and includes significant updates to: ...


Netbackup integration with cloud

Hello Folks\experts\system admins, Since past year there is lot of information related to backup software and cloud integration. Cloud technology from different vendors like microsoft,amazon, google, ...


We are looking for Oracle Application Developers

Symantec is developing a new exciting self-service product which will allow you to get access to the data you need faster. We are looking for Oracle Application Developers to participate in online mee...


Netbackup 7.6 VMware backup fails with error 6

Netbackup VMware Snapshot Backup fails with Error 6. Other error codes in the logs are 90, 23 BPBKAR logs show this: 00:47:56.146 [4956.10512] <16> dtcp_read: TCP - failure: recv socket (776) (TCP 100...


Snapshot (156) Errors when no snapshots are being taken

I have been working with NetBackup since 6.5 as a consultant and from time to time I have seen flat file windows backups fail with 156 errors, which is a snapshot failure. A snapshot is not typically ...