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Enterprise Data Services Community Blog
Enterprise Data Services Community Blog is the perfect place to share short, timely insights including product tips, news and other information relevant to the community.

Blog Articles

V2iSR.exe Application Error - Cannot Load Ghost

V2iSR.exe Application Error -Could not load Ghost 14.0 I was getting the v2iSR.exe error when trying to load my backup. The error was preventing me from loading my backup image. Out of frustration, I ...


Types of Backups

To understand the Types/Methods of Backup we must dive into the attributes of a file. There are 4 basic attributes of a file which are known as DOS attributes: READ, HIDDEN, SYSTEM and ARCHIVE Wheneve...


BUE License Key: Data Not available

It is a common scenario that a customer will call because they did not receieved the license key (esp. for BUE) after renewing the maintenance and register it on the license portal. After the registra...


Mac Disk Recovery : Recover Deleted Boot Partition

Mac OS X hard drive is divided into various partitions, called volume, for effective management of your precious data stored on it. Every Mac computer has a boot volume, which contains critical system...


Interested in usability studies for Backup Exec?

The Backup Exec team is committed to enhancing your user experience with our software, and we are pleased to invite you participate in usability studies. You will not be asked to purchase anything. Ty...