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Enterprise Data Services Community Blog
Enterprise Data Services Community Blog is the perfect place to share short, timely insights including product tips, news and other information relevant to the community.

Blog Articles

Troubleshooting Enterprise Vault for SharePoint?

Often we get asked how to troubleshoot Enterprise Vault for SharePoint issues, so here is a little bit of information. A good starting point is to check: How to check that the Enterprise Vault SharePo...


Options for Small Deployments of Enterprise Vault

I run many different lab environments to support the work that I do both in the Symantec Connect community and for the company I work for. I see all different types and sizes of Enterprise Vault custo...


SQL Maintenance for Enterprise Vault

The Knowledge Base doesn't have any current documentation for Dynamic Management Views. If you have really high fragmentation you may need to manually perform maintenance first via


Upgrading Enterprise Vault through multiple versions

A question which is often discussed is how to upgrade through multiple versions of Enterprise Vault. For example, can you upgrade from EV 9 straight to EV 11. The short answer is No.. let's seee why. ...


Remove the Uninterrupted Export from VAC

Ok so I've taken over anEV enviroment and there was an issue whereby I was Unable to delete uninterrupted exports. SOLUTION: Was unable to delete the Uninterrupted Export from VAC. Error: Unable to ge...


Should I Set Unlimited NSPI?

There are a few comments and notes on the Symantec knowledgebase which talk about setting NSPI to an unlimited number, removing throttling and limitations that Microsoft have built into recent Operati...


Eval Mode for Enterprise Vault?

A question which comes on the Symantec Connect forums from time to time is whether Enterprise Vault has an evaluation (eval) mode. The answer is that it doesn't, but, the correct/better way is to requ...


Cloud Archiving Services for Microsoft Lync®

Microsoft Lync® is a communications platform offering instant messaging (IM), conferencing, and media sharing, and has become an increasingly popular form of corporate communication alongside email. L...