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Enterprise Data Services Community Blog
Enterprise Data Services Community Blog is the perfect place to share short, timely insights including product tips, news and other information relevant to the community.

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Backup Exec 安装博客(为什么 BE 安装 32 位 SQL 2008 实例)

再次向大家问好!今天,我要解决一个预计某些客户可能会问的问题:“为什么 Backup Exec 2014 在干净安装和升级过程中,安装 32 位 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 实例?” 我们在决定 Backup Exec 2014 应当使用哪个版本的 SQL 时,对该主题进行了大量讨论。以下是若干项要求: 由于老化以及支持的减少,需要更换 Microsoft SQL Serv...


SORT your next NetBackup upgrade

Upgrading… For System Administrators, this can be a painful idea. What are the new hardware requirements? Where do I get the software? What is the correct process for my environment’s upgrade? So much...


Backup Exec Install Blog (DLO7 Upgrades)

When your users are mobile, protecting their data requires applications that detect a network presence and copy the data up to the network for backup during a regular nightly backup job. In Backup Exe...