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Enterprise Data Services Community Blog
Enterprise Data Services Community Blog is the perfect place to share short, timely insights including product tips, news and other information relevant to the community.

Blog Articles

Deployment Scanner Summary Tool–Reminder

Just the other day I had the need to run the Deployment Scanner Summary Tool. As a reminder, if it’s something you don’t currently use, you should ! Take a look at the latest version which is availabl...


End Marker Unreadable Workaround

I'm not sure if anyone has made this observation before, but I didn't see it in the forums, so I"m just going to post it in case it's useful to anyone. This is a way to remove an end marker unreadable...


BE 2012 - Duplicating multiple backup sets

In BE 2012, you can duplicate multiple backup sets by selecting them using Shift-click or Ctrl-click. After selecting the backup sets, click on the Duplicate button in the ribbon bar to duplicate them...


FAQ: Download links to earlier versions of Backup Exec

As i have seen some members asking for download links to earlier verisons of Backup Exec, i thought of posting those in a BLOG. Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers:


Backup Exec 2012 Virtual Environment Protection

My name is Elias AbuGhazaleh and I have been involved in data protection for over 20 years. My experience with data protection started with backing data up to 3.5" floppies and QIC-80 tape drives. Yes...


Vision 2012 Customer Panels - Next Week!

It’s hard to believe, but Vision 2012 is nearly upon us in Las Vegas next week. We have lots of great sessions planned, many of which have fellow customers and partners joining us. Some great Enterpri...


Connect Updates (02 May 2012)

User Facing Added code that allows us to host the "Symantec Control Compliance Suite Connectors Library" on Connect. ...


Symantec Mail Security for Exchange is a Winner

I know that this isn’t directly related to Enterprise Vault, but since Exchange Server archiving is the bread and butter of Enterprise Vault, then it is still very relevant.