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Welcome to the Enterprise Vault Engineering Blog

We are pleased to welcome you to the Enterprise Vault Engineering Blog.  We have decided that the world of Enterprise Vault is big enough for two official blogs, and whilst the Product Management team will continue to provide the same great insight and information in the existing Enterprise Vault Blog, the Engineers that are working under the product’s hood on a daily basis want to share some of their thoughts, expertise and tricks of our trade with you here. This blog’s remit is wide and varied, from simple updates on new features, to useful troubleshooting tips and deeper insight on the nuts and bolts of existing ones, all with a technical and engineering based slant.

If you have particular areas of the product or specific topics that you would find it interesting for us to blog on then please ask in the comments below. Much like an enhancement request or hotfix, we cannot always guarantee to have the answers for you immediately, but we will endeavour to meet your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

So keep watching this Blog and spread the word. And please allow us some leeway on our literary in-adeptness and grammatical in-correctness, Engineers are programmed to write code, not words, but we hope that what we do write will be informative and interesting enough to keep you coming back for more.


Excellent! This will be a welcome addition to the EV-world-community.


This is good news!  I hope to tap into the engineer's resources for all things EV!

Congratulations !

Excited about the blog and going to spread the word!

Hey Paul... This is awesome news... Nice steps being taken to reach out to the customers and giving more avenues for them to interact with Symantec. Will be watching out this space for more information.
Great information, nice to read stiff from the other side of the system!

Great Information. Thank you.

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