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Did you mean: not disabling users after "run sync now"

Dear all,

I am testing and I cannot get it to respond to my disabled or removed users from office 365.  The office 365 user is a pure user and not linked to any active directory so a simple test really.

When I run "run sync now" in archive admin it sees that there is 1 less user but it does not automatically flag it as disabled in the Archive Admin - Accounts.  the user is still there and active.

Any pointers would be great!



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Hi - Sorry for the delay in

Hi - Sorry for the delay in response.  


Is the PA Collection enabled on the Manage console?  If yes, then it will maintain that account as active.  The other possibility is the sync is actually taking place.  If the user is disabled, then the sync should take care of it.  So I am wondering if the sync is actually happening?  Do you have a log?
Thank you,