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Symantec Cloud Archive migration

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We plan to use Symantec Cloud for mail archive. We also plan to migrate form exchange 2003 to 2010. Would it be better to archive mail onto the symantec cloud beofre migrating to 2010 as this will reduce local migratuion time? Will moving mailboxes onto 2010 confuse symantec or will this be relativly seemless?




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I think that would be a good idea and help your migration to Exch 2010. There was a road show a while back and this was one of the topics.  I will see if I can find the preso from that.

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That would be much appreciated!

My main concern is the following scenario...

  1. Mailbox a,b and c are on Exchange 2003
  2. We archive say 80% of the mail onto Symantec Cloud
  3. Move mailboxes a,b and c onto ex2010
  4. is where I go blank..

Is there some configuration that needs to take place at any of the layers, if so is it transparent to the user? Any gotchas ?


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from a user perspective they will access their archived email through the same interface regardless of whether the mail was ex2003 or ex2010.  So long as you have set up the journaling correctly post migration to ex2010 then all email for those users will continue to be archived, there are some specific instructions around setting up journaling in ex2010 which are different to ex2003 and you can find these steps here: as well as links to journaling in ex2003.  Essentially you can switch on today and know that whenever you chose to upgrade your exchange the users email will continue to be archived