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Trouble creating an archive directory from Outlook 2013

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I am trying to set up an archive web folder from Outlook 2013. The Symantec help instructions on this are clear and concise and we have successfully set up archive web folders on other desktops in our office. There seems to be a particular problem with one laptop though.

These are the relevant instructions:

Right-click the web folder and click Properties.

Select the Home Page tab.

In the Address field, enter your URL

The problem is that on the troublesome laptop, the Address field is grey and you cannot enter anything. This is an Exchange mailbox.

On the same laptop, with the same Outlook, on a different email address, which is set for IMAP, it is possible to create an archive web folder and the address field is not grey.


Has anyone experienced this previously and is there a solution?


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Have you tried to recreate the Outlook profile and retry?  Control Panel>Mail>Profiles