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Disabled Mailbox kept for how long

Hi All,Currently we have an active 200 mailboxes licensed with and 150 disable mailboxes in archived.Those active license are going to expired soon. We plan to keep only 80 active licensed and disable the current 120 mailboxes.Question: Now ...

Export to PST

How can we export user archives to PST's larger than 600mb? Currently 600mb seems to be the limit and we have some pretty large mailboxes where this is not ideal. 

mav41 by Level 2
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EV Cloud to Mimecast Migration

Hi all,We are planning a migration from our current tenant to Mimecast archiving. As per company policy we're only required to migrate 7 years worth of emails, however at various stages in the last 7 years, data has been ingested into EV.clo...

DDias by Level 1
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Migrating Users from GSuite

Hello,We are in the process of migrating users from GSuite to O365 and we have enterprise vault in our environment.  We are only migrating the 12 months of email for each user into O365 but plan to archive their whole mailbox in enterprise vault. Wha...

GregDJ by Level 2
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Licensing question EV.Cloud

If I want to journal the contents of a User's 365 box but I don't want to allow the End User access to Personal.Cloud to view and manipualte those messages, do i just disable the Personal.Cloud from their archive account? Also, do I need to buy a Per...

Data Centre locations for GDPR

Hi,For the purposes of GDPR we need to state where our data is held. Cloud Vault Enterprise emails are obviously held somewhere, the Netherlands perhaps, or somewhere else in Europe as we are in the UK, but I have not found any info on the Veritas we...

Enable Mobile Web Access via CloudLink

According to"This option does not apply to archive accounts that are created through CloudLink or Office 365 Sync."Please can you raise a feature request to e...

jd- by Level 1
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archiving/import PST files into

Hi there,i am fresh to licensing an so need a bit of help with understanding the license components.My customer will like to archive for eg. 1 GB of PPT files from his exchange into licenses do i need to be able to do...