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2 issues when Unarchiving

Level 0


We are trying to un-vault our mailbox's but are running into issues

We are using the option "export archives to their original Mailboxes"

but we are finding that it is restoring emails that the user have deleted years ago.

also it is not restoring emails that the users have moved from the location where they were originally archived in.

Anyone know how to solve the above 2 issues?


Level 6

 Hi SteveBaptista,

When exporting you can choose to export a range of items from the archive or all of the items.  The second will include deleted items if the setting to delete from the archive was not used.  By default, the option is to retain the item within the archive when deleted from the mailbox. 

For the second issue, if the option to update the items in the archive when they are moved was not used in the policy then the items would remain in the archive where they were archived from and not where a user moved them.   The policy could be changed to update the moved items, however the archive task would have to be run against all the mailboxes to allow for the update to occur. 



Hi SteveBaptista,

Archive exports to the original mailbox will export all items back to the mailbox regardless if the mailbox has the shortcut or not.  I suspect your Desktop Policy is set to Delete Shortcut Only, since the items are still in the archive and no shortcut exists.  Unfortunately there is no way to push a restore from the ev server to only restore the items with shortcuts.