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Accessing the EV from Externally

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We have Symantec EV deployed and the version details are given below.

Product: Enterprise Vault, Symantec Corporation


OS: Windows Server Enterprise 2008R2

OS Version: 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)

We are looking for options to enable access to the environment externally, at the moment all users who wants to access the EV environment need to connect to the local VPN to access the same, but we are looking for options to remove having to connect to VPN to access EV, in other words we would like to access the EV from externally with out the VPN connectivity ex: like we access the OWA emails from WEB browser (Outlook Anywhere Acees).

Everyone is welcome to share the experience and opinions.




Level 5

Are you running Exchange 2013? If you are you can deploy the Office Mail App. If you're running Exchange 2010 then you would have to configure standard OWA fuctionality

These are both covered in Chapters 9 and 10 of Setting Up Exchange Server Archiving -





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You need to be able to hit externally. Your firewall documentation should provide some information. And see

Once it's published see

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Publish your EV server using whatever firewall you have in place, either TMG, UAG, or F5 etc. then publish your Outlook Anywhere and OWA and bind it with your EV server publishing so that Search or/and Archive Explorer can be accessed externally. The technotes above will guid you through these stuff.

One thing that I would say is when you setup the certificate to publish the EV server don't turn SSL on on the EV server in the Enterprise Vault virtual directory as this will stop EV server working especially with the current EV shortcuts and then you have to setup EV to use SSL etc. thsi will cause complications more thatn it should do. All you need to do is Bind SSL in IIS to the Enterprise Vault virtual directory and this will split interal users to use HTTP and exterrnal users to use HTTPS. This way no further configuration is required on the EV server other than splitting HTTP for internal users and HTTPS for external users.

Good afternoon sirs,
in the case of Exchange 2016 how is the best practice for external access for customers?
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