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Add Second Exchange Organization to Existing EV

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Hi All,


Currently we have EV archiving happily from an existing exchange 2010 environment.  We have provisioned a new exchange 2013 organization in a new forest (with a two way trust).  Existing mailboxes will be moved to the new exchange environment and it will function as a resource forest with the mailboxes being linked back to the existing AD account in the current domain.

My questions are:

We want to utilize the existing EV instance to archive from both environments - Is it possible and what is required to add a separate exchange organization to an existing EV instance?

How does this work when we use exchange native tools to move the mailbox to the new environment - it should have the same mailboxguid and i read somewhere that EV can keep track of mailbox moves in this configuration.  I'm hoping its not tooo difficult to keep the existing mailbox connected to the archive or reconnect once the mailbox is moved.

Thanks in advance - I know very little about Enterprise Vault and need to understand what options are available.




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So you would have to do the following:
1. Move the EVAdmin mailbox to the new Exchange environment 
  - This needs to be done for the powershell scripts to function)

2. From an Exchange Server in the new Target Domain, log in as the Exchange Admin account and run the Exchange Permissions Powershell Script

3. Again from an Exchange Server in the target domain, log in as the Exchange Admin and run the Exchange Throttling Powershell Script

4. Create a static regular mailbox that will be the EV System mailbox on each exchange server, make sure they don't move as part of a DAG failover, and they're not hidden etc
5. Ensure you can login to the system mailboxes from the EV Server logged in as the EVadmin account

6. Add the new Domain in the Vault Admin Console
  - Under Site Name -> Targets -> Exchage -> Right click "Exchange" and select New -> Domain and follow the wizard through

7. Add the Exchange Servers and create the archive tasks and select your system mailboxes for each exchange server
  - Under Site Name -> Targets -> Exchange -> YourDomain -> Right Click "Exchange Servers" and select New -> Exchange Server

8. Create your provisioning groups for the new domain so the new users will be created
  - Under Site Name -> Targets -> Exchange -> YourDomain -> Right Click "Provisioning Groups" and select New -> Provisioning Groups

9. Once you've added all your provisioning groups, start your archiving tasks and ensure they don't fail and remain in a Running state
10. Right click your Provisioning Task and select "Run Now" - it will change from "Running" to "Processing"
11. Once complete, enable your users from the Vault Admin Consoles "Enable Mailbox Wizard"

And that's really all there is to it.
As for migrating your users, you don't need to do anything with EV other than create this reg DWORD: SynchInMigrationMode

Give it a value of 1 and then when users move from DOMAINB to DOMAINA or vice versa, they will simply use the same Archive
However would always test on a sample mailbox