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Add Server to site

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I have one server EV. This archive the files (FSA) and mails (Exchange).

I want add 2nd server to separate the archive tasks. One Server to archive mail and other server to archive files.

Need I configure a cluster or just add a server is enough ( ?


Thank for your help !

- Sorry, for my bad English! I'm French


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clustering is for high availability. if you want to split the load you can build a new server and add it to your site. probably easiest to move the mailbox archiving to the new server.

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As Andy has stated just adding a new EV server will not magically allow you to move resources to that server. Without some configuration changes you will still end up with the archiving processes and tasks running on the original server.

Are the File archiving and Mail archiving Vault Stores and Vault partitions shared in the same SQL database and disk location, or are they seperate? If they are seperate then it is 'relativily' easy to move the resources from one EV server to the other by making chages to the SQL tables once the new server is built and part of the new site. See article for moving the storage. The Indices will also need to be moved if you want to truly distribute the load.



Andrew Salmon, IT Director, TrueSwift Ltd.