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Advice when reconfiguring Enterprise Vault and Hitchi Content Platform (HCP)

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hi everyone..

we are about to start reconfiguring our environment due to a datacentre relocation and the introduction of a new HCP which we need to move our EV storage to. So I just wanted to see if anyone had previously experienced either of the two tasks below, and maybe has some experiences they would kindly share?

1. firstly we are going to reconfigure enterprise vault store partion properties so that the number of local safety copies on the primary HCP is reduced from two, to one.

has anyone done this before? In theory it is a simple change, but did you have any unexpected surprises?

2. after replicating the EV data to the new HCP, we will make the neccessary DNS name changes so that EV will now write to this new HCP as its primary.

again, has anyone done this before?

many thanks in advance





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No experience with both, but have been examining HCP a while ago. As for your step 2, I would configure the HCP, and then create NEW partitions in EV, (under the Vault Stores), and point those to the HCP, and then open these (close the old ones). That way, you don't need to migrate 'live' data, but only static. That will make it a little easier when switching over. No need to be worried it is not in sync.

Regards. Gertjan

Level 3

hi Gertjan

yes, I agree, normally I would do exactly that as well, but with the HCP we'd have to create a new tenant and cut over to it, I haven't found any documentation on what Hitachi might advise, I will try to find more information on that.

many thanks