After Centera IP Change EV Still tries connections to old Centera IP

Hi Guys,

we changed the IPs of our Centeras in the partitions of all Vault Stores. However EV is still connecting to the old IP adresses we had in the partition entry before we changed it.

When checking in the SQL DB (Partition Entry Table in the EV Directory DB) we only see the new IPs reflected.

Do you have any idea where the old Centera IP might still be saved (e.g. old Items waiting Backup / some other Entries in the VAC / some entries in the DB). Any ideas are welcome!

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Did you update the PEA file?

Did you update the PEA file?

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Hi Tony, EMC Guy said: No

Hi Tony,

EMC Guy said: No Need to Update when you only change the IP (it is the same Centera just another Entry Point IP Address)

see also:

We can see connections going perfectly fine to the new IP Adresses.

The root-cause why I was looking into the network-monitor:

- Replication between the main Centera and the replication Centera seemed to work very slow (10.000 Items per Hour)

- We assumed that it was a centera issue so we gave the EMC Team a list of not replicated CLIPs according to EV.

- EMC Team confirmed that the CLIPs are on the main and the replica system so no issue with emc

- I was then looking into SQL index-fragmentation but this was also non conclusive.

- By "accident" I looked into the "Performance Monitor" in Windows in the Network tab and I saw a few connections of StorageOnlineOpns.exe to the old IP adresses, most Connections go to the new IPs.

However we requested new PEA files anyway.

The EMC team should provide those within the next days.

Thanks again, I will keep you posted.




Hi Tony, new PEA File has

Hi Tony,

new PEA File has been generated and implemented. EV still connects to the old IP Adresses...

Case with Symantec is open.

Thanks for your Input.



What happens when you do a

What happens when you do a test on the vault store properties tab?

Also you should ask the emc team if they did a dns push after you changed the connection strings.


In the past my process for this work is to

1. put EV in backup mode

2. stop storage service

3. change connection strings

4. PEA file stays the same it doesnt contain any IP information

5. Once EMC confirms everything is ok, start storage service

5. test connection strings in VS partition

6, attempt to retrieve emails from new location

7. take EV out of backup mode


Do you still need help with

Do you still need help with this?



After applying your

After applying your suggestion the system still connects to the Old IPs.

Support call is open however nobody can explain why this is.

I think this will end in the "we will never know" section.



Has the centera team tried to

Has the centera team tried to create a new pea file? Check your host file, and possibly perform a ipconfig /flushdns via command prompt. Then restart the storage service

might sound dumb but what

might sound dumb but what about rebooting your EV server?


Rebooted multiple times in

Rebooted multiple times in the past.

only thing is to reboot the Centera...shared system so this might take some time to get a "Go" for that


Yes! New PEA File, multiple

Yes! New PEA File, multiple Reboots of the Server. Multiple flushdns