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Also, Restore from Vault Option Question

Level 4
I've restricted (i.e. "Hide Both") the Restore from Vault option for OLK 200x clients but if a user clicks the Search Vaults button and searches for an item then they can restore it ('Restore Whole Item' is visible)

I must have missed something..?

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Nick Cairncross

Level 6
The clients buttons and the Web App search are two different animals. To modify the buttons in the Web App you need to create a WebApp.ini in ANSI format and save it in the EV installation folder. Typicall program files\enterprise vault. You then need to add this line.

Controls whether the Restore whole item icon is displayed in the search results so that users can restore items found by searches.
Value Description
0 The restore icon is not displayed.
1 (Default) The restore icon is displayed.

You can read more about this in the administrator guide located in the documentation folder under Customizing the Web Access Application.