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Announcing the release of Enterprise Vault 12.5


I’m excited to announce the release of Enterprise Vault (EV) 12.5.

With so many new regulations coming into effect around the world – MiFID II and GDPR in Europe, FINRA, SEC 17, and the upcoming California Privacy Act in the U.S. – customers are looking to Veritas to address their digital compliance challenges with a solution that not only ensures compliance but facilitates it, making it easier for them to monitor corporate communications and content stored in their archive.. That’s where the concept of supervision comes in.

Supervision is an organization’s ability to monitor its communications by sampling email, instant messaging, and other content sources to ensure that regulatory requirements are being met. This capability has become increasingly important in this new era of regulation, data privacy rights, and corporate policies surrounding harassment and other issues. Fragmented communications have increased the burden on supervision teams as content must be captured from many sources – not just email.

EV 12.5 makes supervision faster and easier

In EV 12.5, we’ve made several enhancements to our Compliance Accelerator solution to reduce complexity for reviewers by making the supervision process faster and easier than ever before:

  • Hotword Hit count  - Direct reviewers to the most relevant content quickly based on the number of hotwords and phrases detected
  • Hotword Workflow improvements Reviewers are guided through each hotword found in messages and attachments
  • New Facet Filters During Review New filtering of review set based on content source and Hotwords to focus on the most relevant content.
  • Targeted search by time range helps pinpoint insider trading by finding evidence of private information being communicated before it becomes public information.
  • Classification Rules based on Supervision Departments - Leverage Supervision Departments to target Classification Policies to specific groups 
  • Department searches within Discovery Accelerator - Leverage Compliance Accelerator Departments within Discovery Accelerator
  • Updated classification policies for the California Consumer Privacy Act, NYDFSS, and Personal Data policies that now cover more than 70 countries worldwide.
  • Hierarchial View of Departments -  Departments, sub-departments displayed in view to show hierarchy
  • Report on Classification Policies Triggered - Adjust classification policies based on the number of times the policy triggered on archived data
  • Report on Hotword Detection Frequency - Adjust hotwords/phrases based on the frequency of detection

We also added several core improvements as well:

  • Gmail Archiving- Now capture Gmail as a native content source
  • Escalation Review enhancements - Option to force comments when escalating to ensure full context.
  • Power BI Report templates Surface data using provided PowerBI templates and customize to suit different use cases
  • TLS Certificates can now be deployed on a per-server basis (previously this was done at a per-site basis)
  • EV Search - EV classification tags are now easier to add to a search allowing classification-based searches for content

Obviously a very large release for Enterprise Vault.   Looking forward to your feedback in the coming weeks after you have had a chance to download and try it out.