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Anyway to speed up deletions?

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I have a customer who for the last 18 months wasn't't't able to delete any EV archives due to an issue on the DR Centera

Anyway this is now resolved and they have about 4000 archives that need to be deleted ,in the VAC I am deleting them in batches but its slow ,I have only removed about 130 archives in 30 days

I understand the deletion process is slow due to all the data  it has to remove ( SQL ,Index and actual data from partitions ) but is there a way to expedite the deletions  or something I can tweak on the EV server.



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For all versions of EV I'd say that SQL maintenance has a big impact on deletion performance (rebuild indexes and update statistics) 

There is also a SQL index that you may need to create if you're running 8.0 SP1 or earlier, which can help with performance:

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You can change the archive status in the database to a delete state, but I do not believe that EV throttles large deletions so would possible max CPU

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agreed with jolaine
I think in all honesty you will have to dtrace the Storage itself to see where exactly the longest hang ups are, for all we know it may be taking 30 seconds for the centera to delete it, in which case you would have to work with EMC to determine why its taking such a long time

For instance if you have a SQL Query that takes 0.2 seconds, connection to centera that takes 10 seconds then a deletion that takes 0.5 seconds, your obvious lag there is the connection to the centera.

I have seen where DBInits on a Centera can be the cause for most major lags on centeras and its just "one of those things" , but really theres too many factors that it could be

If you could get a solid 30 minute minimum dtrace of storage delete (might be storagefilewatch for centera with collections) and post it, that would be great......also don't forget that if you're archiving a bunch of people and journaling to a centera also, you are contending with regular traffic too