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Archive Task is not working

I noticed yesterday that Archiving is not working at all. When looking around on EV I noticed that when I click the browse button for the system mailbox in the archive task or the journal task it gives me an error no mailbox found. Could this be my problem and how can it be resolved?



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Hi Todd, Initial check would

Hi Todd,

Initial check would be to logon as the Vault Service Account, and verify you can open the designated System Mailbox in Outlook.

Have mailboxes been moved around? Have they been hidden? Is your Exchange online? Your DC?


Regards. Gertjan

Yes the mailboxes have been

Yes the mailboxes have been moved to another database.

ok, Need more info

ok, Need more info Todd.

Which EV version, which Exchange version?

IF 2010 Exch. do you use Dag's.

Other database on other server? Is that database accessible by EV? Have you tried restarting all services?

How about rerunning deploymentscanner, see if that pops up somthing


Regards. Gertjan

Do you have a dtrace for the

Do you have a dtrace for the archiving task ?