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Archive explorer stop working after failover

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Hi everyone,
 .We have EV 9.0.2 on Veritas cluster
Works fine in general except that the archive explorer stops working after cluster failover. 
IIS reset solves the issue, but I am wondering why is it happening.
No clue in the EV log (also not the system and the application)
Does anyone experienced something like this?
Any advice will be appreciated:) 



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Does it happen each and everytime that you failover?
would really need to know what the actual error you are seeing on the screen
whether Search.asp works or does that fail also

would also need a dtrace of w3wp as well

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Hi Anna,


Can you post a screenshot of the the error message you get while opening Archiv Explorer after performing the Failover.


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Basically, the archive explorer fails to load.

But, we will schedule a manual failover and verify al that (probably next week).


Anything else we need to check?

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HI Anna,

As Jesus asked, check if search also having similar problem? archiving/retrival with http client happening correctly when this appears on server? If this problem solves with IIS reset then also look option disscused in another forum.

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Hello OP.


Can you please update this thread by either flagging some of the postings above as having resolved your issue or update the ticket with more details as to your issue? Doing so helps those who are helping direct their help to where it is most needed first.


Thanks in advanced.