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Archive item cannot be show in Outlook's Vault

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We have some new enable ev users no items show in the Vault after sync completed without error in Outlook. user login the websearch and confirm that all archvie items can be show.

Checked with user that the inbox's structure is there. but there are no item can be show.

We also checked the old users haven't this issue and i use the older account login another PC and the archive data can be show and that is working fine.

Seem that it just happen to new enable users.

Any idea?


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Hi Ryan,

The first thing to check is if Outlook in cached mode. This is a prereq for vault cache. 

If that is set, a client trace can provide some insights into the issue.


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Hello Ryan,

I'm assume that you use the Vault Cache with Virtual Vaut.
Have you check hte detail tab in properties of Vault Cache ?
I think that the headers synchronisation was done but not the contents synchronization.
In the case of your user didn't have made drag and drop of mail in tha Virtual Vault, you can reset it and restart a synchronization :

Some time, you can have some files of you Vault Cache in bad state ... and you can't synchronize ... the easly solution is to reset Vault Cache. But if your user have add any items in his Vault Cache by drag and drop and that the new items wasn't agan synchronize with the server, you must find another solution else you will lost some mail.