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Archive not linked to any mailbox

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Good morning,

I just discovered something strange while trying to consolidate my environment.

EV 14.1 for exchange

Exchange 2016

I discovered that some archives are not "linked" to any exchange Mailbox and would like to delete them when they are empty as they are not really necessary.

My question is the following, is there a was to find out from powershell or SQL which archives are not " linked" to a mailbox ?

My problem being that they are not present in the exchangeMailboxentry table but they are in the archivepoint table. Could any of you give me a hint how to identify all those archives .

Thank you for your help Sandrine


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In my opinion, the easiest thing to do is to use the usage report. If you are setting the "bill usage to" value to the primary user, people who no longer have Active Directory accounts show as a SID and not a user. 

You could validate a few of them as there are some settings that may result in duplicate archives being created and leaving behind an orphaned one. 

When you export this report, it should help a lot without needing to traverse SQL for the data. 


I hope this helps. 


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you should also check, if you really want to delete those archives, especially if you have no journal archive.

You might lose important information depending on your settings.


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Hello Sandrine,

Usage report is a good one. That will show number of items. There are some queries available also, see THIS KB


Regards. Gertjan