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Archive restore speed (Confused)

Hi all,

I'm running a Enterprise Vault 11.1

I’m bit confused regarding the speed of archived data recovery process.
When users go to recover a folder with say 300GB in it, it recovers the data at 14MB/S that is around 55GB per hr, which means that the 300GB will take approx. 6 hrs to restore.

However when I go to run a bulk restore of the same folder using the FSAUtility I get 270GB per hr that is 5 x faster.

Now that I know that my storage and network are reasonable, why is it that the front end (the user) is not capable to restore at same speeds or at least be close to those speeds?

My previous speed issue discussion was closed and I was not able to say thank you for information that was provided.  So thank you to all who have replied.