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Archived items cannot be opened by the user (gets password prompt)

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Hi All,


We use version EV 10.0.4

One of the user when tries to open archived mail in Outlook (2010) gets a password prompt and his password is not accepted.

Permissions are synchronized form his mailbox, it can ben seen also in permissionbrowser.

I have a detailed ev_client_log file from the user's machine, which contain the following error message:

09/11/2015 10:27:16.746[6764][L]: ~CDownloadSTA::DoDownload: 0x80072EEF
09/11/2015 10:27:16.746[6764][L]: CDownloadBytes::ErrorMessage
09/11/2015 10:27:16.747[6764][L]: ~CDownloadBytes::ErrorMessage

Any help/idea would be appreciated.


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It might be the icon used is actually located in a different archive.

you can check as follows. At user:

in Outlook, click Tab Enterprise Vault

Select offending item. Pres CTRL+SHIFT+ click an EV icon in toolbar

In popup, select Vault Information. Copy content (send to clopboard), paste in notepad.

Look for "selected item properties" header. There should be a value called ArchiveID, copy that value.

Open EV console. press ctrl+shift, RIGHTCLICK, then Find Archive or Folder. Paste value, click Find.

Does it give the expected ArchiveName?


Regards. Gertjan

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If this message/short  was forwarded to them from another user, the origin sender needs to restore the item before forwarding to your user experiencing the password prompt. Most of the time this is caused by the message not belonging to them.

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Thanks for the answers.

All the archived items in the mailbox are affected, these items were archived in the user's vault and they are located there.

@GertjanA: Yes it gives the correct archive name.