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Archiving not working

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The mailbox archiving task doesn't seem to want to archive anything from the enabled mailboxes, even though there is plenty to archive.

I ran the task in Report mode and and the results show that the enabled mailboxes have archivable items.

I have checked the configuration over and over and it seems to be right. The task runs but there is no evidence of anything happening.

Any help or ideas on how to diagnose this further would be appreciated.


Level 3
This may or may not apply, but it happened to me, so worth a mention anyway.  Make sure your Vault services are enabled - especially if you are using best practice for backing up your vault data.  Specifically, check the following in the registry:
HKLM\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Storage
DWord: EnableArchive, EnableExpiry, EnableFileWatch, EnablePSTMigrations, EnableReplayIndex, and EnableRestore should all be set to 1

Level 3
Also check that your mailbox archiving task is not set to always run in report mode.
On the general tab of the mailbox arhciving task properties there is a checkbox for run in report mode.
Ensure this is unchecked and then restart the task controller service