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Archiving task - maximum number of items per target per pass is ignored

Level 2
Hello - our latest group of users added to EV (8.0 SP1) had all of their items archived rather than the number listed in the EVS mailbox archiving tasks setting tab.  We have 2 EV servers that archive 4 Exchange 2003 SP2 servers.  We recently upgraded from 7.5 to 8.0 SP1 and this is the first archiving adds since upgrading.

What happened?  Is there a registry entry I can compare this number to?  Is there another setting in EV that may be overriding the setting in the archive task?

Thanks in advance.

Level 6
Partner Accredited
 There is a bug in EV8 SP1 if using "Age and Quota" base archiving strategy.  It causes all items to be archived when no Exchange quota's are on the mailbox.

There is a hotfix coming out Technote 324320 - should be out in the next couple of days.  If you need the hotfix now - log a case with Support and they will send it to you.

Level 2
Hi John - Thanks for the reply.  We are only using age based.  Does the bug affect just the fact that we have the ability to use one or the other or both, or does it just apply when using both?