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Automatic Deletion of Mailbox Archive

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Should user mailbox archives be automatically deleted when they reach the retention period?

I am looking at a former employees archive and the user was in a 1 year retention group.

If I look at the properties of the archive, the oldest archived item is dated 5/24/2016 and the youngest is 10/11/2017.

I would have expected that there should be no items and the archive deleted.

Can anyone provide some insight?


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The archive would not delete and even empty folders would exist unless it was configured to delete them. you should have an archive with no items assuming all the items were archived under the retention you expect and expiry is set to run.

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If (...) the retention category allows deletion, and the settings on the archive(s) are to allow automatic expiry and you actually run storage expiry, the archive should be empty. One way to check is to verify what the index of the archive indicates. If that states '0', then an export of that archive should not export anything. It might be that info you see is stored anyway, while the archive itself is empty.

Regards. Gertjan

To clarify @GertjanA's point, we do indeed store the data on the oldest and youngest items ever to live in a given archive, even if those specific items aren't present anymore. I have confirmed the persistence of these statistics even on an archive from which all items have been deleted.

The archive itself will never get automatically deleted by expiry. Expiry applies only to items, not to containers, like Archives, Folders, or Vault Stores.