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Backing up Enterprise Vault

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I created a post in the Backup Exec forum, and was advised to come here. I also have a case open, and it hasn't been helpful so far.

We have an AG setup, and would like to use Backup Exec for backups. This is not compatibile with the EV agent, so Colin_Weaver advised me to rename the bedsev.dll and use pre/post scripts. That is a helpful start, but is not a complete guide as to how to do this. Can someone point me to some directions on how to do this?



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I've read your post in the BE forum, and the one way to backup EV is as follows:

Set backup mode on the indexes and vault stores. Backup the index and storage data. When backing up the storage data (i.e. the DVS etc. files), verify the backup tool clears the archivebit on the items. If it does not, you will have to use the triggerfile. check the admin guide for usage. When backed up, clear backup mode again.

I personally would backup the indexes full weekly. Indexes change a lot, and if you ever need to restore an index to a week earlier, EV will sync the missing items again.

As for backing up the SQL databases, you need o set backup mode on the Vault stores (so no changes occurr in the databases), then backup the databases. If the backup tool does not support backing up the SQL databases directly, use SQL backup to back them up to a specific location, then use the backup tool to backup that location.

You might want to involve a partner to assist, or work with EV/BE support to get a clear understanding on how to configure it.

good luck! GJ

Regards. Gertjan