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Backing up indexes

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I would like to ask about how you back up the indexes, especially when the size of the indexes starts to be too large (several TB of information). If we follow the manual, and this backup can take two days, and index locations are in read mode, I run out of time to archive...

EV 11.0.1.

Thanks and regards.


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1st - create new Index location, and close the existing ones.

Closing the existing ones means no new data is going to be added, and you will have a more or less static index location. It will also help in managing indexes.

2nd - Backing up indexes can be done in several ways. What I do in my (large) environment is the following: I have 4 index servers, which are in 1 index server group. Indexes are backed up once a week fully. This takes about 9 hours, during which indexes are in backup mode. A differential is made daily, which takes about 2 hours, during this time, indexes are in backup mode. Ev is well programmed to handle indexissues. If something would happen to the indexes, we will restore the last full backup. We will then keep the Vault Stores in backup mode until the indexes catched up again.....


Regards. Gertjan