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Backup mode on index location

Hi All,

i need help to address a question from a customer, if the index location are set in backup mode, the archiving task will be worked, (scheduled mailbox archiving task and manual user archive) ?

the VaultStore will be not backupped because are on centera

Thanks for the help


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Re: Backup mode on index location

As a rule, you would not want to put Indexes in backup mode during the scheduled archiving run.

Re: Backup mode on index location

The EV indexing engine is separate component from archiving from storage. As long as the vault store is not in backup mode archiving will continue. Once indexing has been removed from backup mode, indexing will resume for the newly archived items.

Re: Backup mode on index location

You can set EV so the archiving task waits for the backup.

Anything else would lead to inconsistent data.

You can trigger the backup mode of EV when the backup is about to run. And remove the backup mode when the backup is successful.

What the backupmode does is block any changes to metadata or physical data in the archive (index /Vault Stores). As long as the backup mode is active any incoming mails/files are written into queues. You would probably see savesets going up.

When you successfully backup and remove the backupmode the queues will trigger the archiving of these items.

Please make sure that you check the backupmode with powershell, since you can stack backupmode in some EV version. There sometimes was an error if you set backupmode 2 times you have to remove it 2 times too. Not sure if this was fixed.