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I have been getting error for Storage Foundations Flashsnap License on my Directory service computer & An unexpected error occurred when cleaning up snapshot volumes. Confirm that all snapped volumes are correctly resynchronized with the original volumes on backup server. I have 6.0 SP1 Directory service on Windows 2003 & another server using Entreprise SQL 2000 clustered server. The the volume on which Vault partitions are storedis an MSA 1000 which is replicated to BCP server with veritas Storage foundation - Replicator. I have Vault stores on my MSA 1000 with 2TB allocated. With SQL query scripts I backup SQL database & than place it on the MSA 1000 2 TB partition so that it gets backed up along with Valut Store partitions, index, storage etc. I use backupexec 10 with Prebackup & Postbackup scripts so that Vault services are stopped prior to running backup & to restart automatically later. I still see iwhen run Normal report on my Vault server that it shows waiting for backup for files on which I had Normal run archive.
I am thinking of stopping services manually & running the job but still wanted to know if there is another way. I suppose once the Archive is run in Normal mod, after successfull backup it should leave placeholder service or shortcut as per configuration. It does not see to be doing that.

Pls let me know


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Hi Sandeep

I can't comment on the Storage Foundation issues. However for EV to do the post processing of items it relies on either the archive bit having been cleared from the saveset files, or if your backup strategy does not including resetting the archive bit then you need to make use of a trigger file as part of your post backup script.

You can get the method for setting this up from the Administrators guide. Just do a search for 'trigger' and it will explain how to configure this process.