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Best tool for a re-hydrate of shortcuts?

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I have a batch of users (couple of hundred) that need their shortcuts re-hydrated.

De-merge effectively (but not exactly), we only want the shortcuts in the mailbox re-hydrated, as distinct from an archive export from EV which would include lots of deleted data (because we dont allow delete in Vault).

I appreciate I need to go to a third party tool like Transvault to achieve this ... I'm wondering, what other tools people are using ... for just shortcut re-hydration is one of the lesser known tools possibly more cost effective?



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I forget but you may be able to expire items without shortcuts.... or match a shortcut deletion policy to a retention policy and then restore.

Any migration utility (such as Quadrotech's Archive Shuttle) should be able to do it and if there is a tool more specifically designed for this use case I do not know it.

Thanks for that ... I hadnt thought about archive shuttle, a tool I used many many years ago and thought highly of ...