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Bulk administration tasks

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Hi everyone;

After digging through most of what I could find related to the topic; I found myself stuck with several questions. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction or perhaps even answer them.

One of the key topics related is :

Our current 'exit' flow is as follows: HR states the user is leaving; we disable the user and move the AD Object to a specific OU. That OU is the filter used in EV to archive the full mailbox, normal users only have mails older than 3 months archived. After 2 months (policy for us), we remove the user from AD. BUT; the only manual action here is disabling the mailbox archive in EV. 

Since we already have the configuration set up for that one OU; couldn't I use EVPM to filter based on being in THAT OU and being member of a group? I've tried using EVPM for one user (as test) but without an error, it didn't do the task - so I may have gotten the .ini file wrong. 

; EV_server, add the simple name of the EV server where you will run this script.
; EV_Site is the name of the site as it appears in the VAC.

directorycomputername = EV_server
sitename = EV_Site

LDAPquery = (memberof= CN=DisableEVArchiving,OU=Enterprise Vault,OU=Security Groups,DC=mydomain,DC=com)
LDAPQueryDomain = MyDomain.Com

Name = mailboxroot
Enabled = False
Suspended = False

For reference: Win Server 2008 R2; EV10.0, Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010. 


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Hi there,

This should work ok. What error do you get when running the evpm?

Have a look on this technote when creating the .ini file.


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Make sure you save the file as UNICODE.

Remove the comments. In the Mailbox section, use the PG you use, not an LDAP query

Optional. Lets you select mailboxes that have been provisioned by a specific provisioning target group.
For example, to select all the mailboxes that have been provisioned by a group called "VIPs":

Remove the spaces before and after the = sign (just to be sure)

That should do the trick.

Regards. Gertjan