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Calling IndexSearcher2 API from remote machine.

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Good morning.

 I have an installation of Enterprise Vault 7.0 SP4 running, and a remote XP SP2 machine on which I installed the EV runtime. Using the DirectoryConnection and ContentManagement APIs seems to work fine between machines, but when I try to use IndexSearcher2 remotely, I get an error.

The error occurs when I call the SelectArchive() method. The same code runs fine on the EV server machine itself. I couldn't find any documentation to the effect that IndexSearcher can't be used remotely. However, the archiveID I pass to the SelectArchive() method is a bit different than the one I see in the sample code, in that the sample code's ArchiveID seems to contain a fully qualified machine name, while the live IDs I see have only the site name.

Sample ArchiveID: <various numbers>puter.kvsexample.local"

My ArchiveID: <various numbers>evsite".


Regardless of seemingly different ArchiveIDs (which might be accounted to differences between EV6 and EV7), these ArchiveID does work locally.


Has anyone run into similar problems?


My app is written in C# using Visual Studio 2008, and this is the exception:


System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException was unhandled
  Message="The Index Server could not access data from the directory : %1   Internal Reference : %2  [0xc0041c09]"