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Can I use the DVSSP file to locate message

Level 6

Is it possible to locate the original email in EV fron the DVSSP file.


Level 6


The first part of the .DVSSP file(before the first ~) should be the IdTransaction for the item that it was archived with as a shared part. There should also be a .DVS with the same name if it has not expired.  You could then use EVSVR to dump the item using DumpSaveset using the VaultStoreEntryId and that Idtransaction using format 8-4-4-4-12.  

For instance...B0E3A2C9BBAB895CB1A3022F125D8AA1~1B~EA6DCA8C~00~1.DVSSP would be IdTransaction B0E3A2C9-BBAB-895C-B1A3-022F125D8AA1.  If the DVS does not exist then you would not be able to get the item as easily.   You would have to locate another DVS that points to that DVSSP using the Fingerprint DB. 



Level 4

Hi PoorAdmin,

   To be really specific - not necessarily from a .dvssp file - those can often just be attachments.  Typically the parent saveset is a .dvs file. 

However, if you can access a .dvs file....

If you're on EV12, EVSVR has a new function called GetNativeItem (GNI), in which you can plop a .DVS file and it will recombine it for you, much like DumpSaveset would - but this has no requirements about checking against the database to make sure it's in the correct location.  So you'd do it like this:


-Use CMD to launch EVSVR.exe in the EV install folder

-Type the word "interactive" without the quotes and hit enter to start interactive mode

-The command from there would be GNI and the complete path and file name of the .dvs.  So if i had a dvs file called C0C0994151B4EXX6E895E8B06BE8E131.dvs on the root of my C: drive, my command would look like this:

    gni c:\C0C0994151B4EXX6E895E8B06BE8E131.dvs


It will place the recombined message (assuming the saveset wasn't damaged somehow) in Enterprise Vault\Reports\EVSVR folders - you'll know which one in there by the date-name of the folder. 


In case it comes up though - previous to EV12, you'd have to use Dumpsaveset in EVSVR's interactive mode, very similarly to this , but it would require that the .dvs file was in its correct location according to the Directory and Vault Store DB's.  Assuming that's the case, DumpSaveset would work just like above, and its command would be like this (from EVSVR's interactive mode prompt):

ds (paste in ArchiveID or VaultStoreID) (paste in SavesetID or TransactionID)

Of course, don't include the parenthesis.


***Edit:  Confirmed after some testing that GNI won't recombine any attachments, but only the parent email.   So I'm not sure what your situation is, but if you don't have access to the .dvs file that is parent to the .dvssp that you mentioned, it won't do much good.  However, if you do, then GNI could be helpful because it sounds like you were trying to recreate the original message; not necessarily dependant on having the attachments.  And outside of both of those possibilities, if the files are in their proper, original location, DumpSaveset would recombine them with attachments just fine.  Hope this helps!