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Can you set size on Vault store partition?


I have large volumes 8TB+ and was looking at setting Vault store partion to Tape size of 2.35TB, however there appers to be no option to set the rollover for Vault partion size just the Disk volume size.

I would prefer this to be auto rather then me doing it manualy since we have over 80TB to archive

So the idea is that for each Disk Volume I have 3 Partions (Ptn1,Ptn2 and Ptn3) of 2.35TB each leaving 16% for operations disk volume, and get them to roll over to the next automaticaly once prtitions are filled up.




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There is no built-in feature

There is no built-in feature available however you can do couple of smart things to work it around

Instead of using large volumes, create one small anchor volume and many small volumes with required granularity and mount them as mount points. Then you can utilize the standard mechanism for rollover based on free disk space left.

Alternatively, you can create a short script and utilize PowerShell command from EV to initial the rollover when open partition approaches the defined threshold (Start-PartitionRollover)

Thanks Mouse, Will ask for

Thanks Mouse,

Will ask for the feature in product improvement, will see how it goes.



you should be able to make it

you should be able to make it work with some simple math. i'll try to give an example following what i understand you're asking for and explain it so you can apply to your situation.

first of all, you have a few options for the rollover setting but don't let the terminology confuse you. we'll go with "partition rollover based on volume" and "when volume reaches X TB free" (you can use % free the exact same way.)

let's say that your "volume" is 8TB and you want your partition size to be 2.35TB. the rollover setting for your first partition would be rollover when space free is 5.65TB (8TB-2.35TB). if you want the second partition to be 2.35TB then the rollover setting for your second partition would be 3.3TB (5.65TB-2.35TB) and so on.

hope that helps.

I believe this is what

I believe this is what you're looking for