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Cannot archive another users email?

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Is it possible for a user to manually archive another user's email?


At present we ahve a lot of users that work out of the office and they are allocated coordinators that look after their mailboxes. I would like it to be possible for user A to be able to archive user B's email. I have given user A permissions to user B's archive and user A can access user B's email, but shen user A tried to manually archive user B's email they get an error 'You cannot archive items from this location'


Is this possible to do?


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It is absolutely possible to do this.


User A will need full mailbox AND full vault permissions to User B's mailbox/archive.


1. Assign User A the permissions in AD (Exchange Advanced - Mailbox Rights) or have User B has grant permissions.


2. Syncronize EV

3. User A should be able to choose items and perform manual archive.


NOTE: By default User A's archive will be his own.  He will need to select User B's archive each time if using one mail profile with both mail accounts.


If this is a regular activity I would recommend creating separate mail profiles for each user.  User A would then default to User A's archive but when connected to User B's mailbox it would default to User B's archive.




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You may want to just check this technote too -

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Thanks for that guys.


It seems that it may have been a permissions thing, though the users did have permissions to both mailbox and users archive. I took away the permissions, then reapplied the permissions, then synced EV. Left it for a while and it now works Smiley Happy


One thing though, I don't have an option (nor can I find one) to select the archive, but, if user A manually archives an email in user B's mailbox, the message is archived into user B's archive, which is ideal. I just feel a bit uneasy about letting the users loose on this as I don't want the wrong users' archived emails all over the place.


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Thanks for that. That technote just cleared up another problem that only came to light yesterday!