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Cannot conduct archive search via a particular EV URL on IE same URL works on google

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We have been able to configure a bunch of URLs from Kv 1-19 allow EV archive search via IE and other browsers with the exception of just 2 URLs with the same FQDN that are still not working on IE. Once a search.aspx is conducted on these URLS on IE it tells you the search cannot be completed please contact your vault administrator, after  a while you are presented with admin login screen.

Inspecting internet properties > security > local intranet > shows uknown zone (mixed content). The URL for the above is same as the url of the other 17 working urls kv(1-19.) so it is baffling why this is happening to just these particular two URLs. Could there be something wrong with those 2 urls on the EV side of things?

NB: Resetting IE on client actually gets the Archive Search working again  for both URLs on IE but that is not a solution. 

I heard there is a registry entry that could be implemented in policies or via registry to get this working.

The behaviour and the solution recommended in this thread similar but i will not place all bets on that . Could use some help. 


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I had this years ago also. I recall I eventually "fixed" it by re-installing the affected server completely (OS and EV)

I also found that IE issue, something to do with the 'mode' IE was in, but I was not able to fix it by adjusting a setting/regkey or something like that.

Regards. Gertjan

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Is this local to teh EV server only? I recall some shinanigans only local to the EV server