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Cannot export archives to PST - ERROR

For several months now we've been unable to export EV archives...either to a PST or to the original mailbox.  We get an error, "The Migrator Server on XXXX has shut down.  Check that your storage server is running."

I have been working with Symantec for over 3 months and they are no closer to finding a solution.  The word frustrating is an understatement.  We've done a million dtraces and my current tech has been trying for over a month just to capture a dump file with full heap enabled.  He has been unable.

Has anyone run into this?

A little about our EV server, version 10.0.4 running on Server 2008.  Secondary storage is on a DELL NAS, after one year archives push to Amazon storage.

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have you narrowed

have you narrowed down anything after all this time? how much data do you need to export, how many archives, and for what purpose?