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Cannot find BCC recipients in CA or DA - Apparently, this is STILL an issue with my client.

I gave my client the documentation that Tony sent me, and it seemed to cover all bases of BCC in CA and DA.  Now, my client states that he is ABLE to get "hits" on CA/DA WITHOUT the attributes, and CANNOT get "hits" on CA/DA WITH the attributes.  This is the doc. I sent him:


The BCC index attributes are RBCC, RBDN and RBEA.

RBCC - Display Name or Email Address
RBDN - BCC Display Name
RBEA - BCC Email Address

For Discovery Accelerator 7.x or 2007.x Application Level Search Attribute (applies to all new searches in all Cases)
1. Access the DA Customer home page using an account that has a Role Assignment with sufficient Application level permissions to create a Custom Attribute (such as Discovery System Admin)
2. Select the Search Attributes option under the Application Administration column  
3. Select the New Attribute option
4. Select the New Search Attribute option from the Index Attribute field
5. Enter
RBCC in Name and Display Name fields
6. Enter Display Name or Email Address in the Default field
7. Click the OK button to save the new search attribute
8. For added search flexibility, repeat Steps 3 through 7 for the RBDN and RBEA attributes, using the labels associated with each attribute above in the Default field
8. On any new Case search page, click the Custom Attributes option and enter words to search.

He is running EV 2007 SP5.  Please assist me on this matter.


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Hello Symantec EV folks, I

Hello Symantec EV folks,

I really need some input on this issue as their legal department is screaming at me!  Her are some additional notes:

He is having complex Discovery Accelerator issues in which the BCC (blank carbon copy) recipients are not being found while using custom attributes or default attributes. However, he can run the same DA with the default attributes and find every instance of BCC requested by a certain recipient in the UK. When he runs the custom DA in the UK, he cannot find a single instance of BCC. According to Symantec, this should have been resolved with EV 2007 SP2, and Invesco is running EV 2007 Sp5. I will be working on this issue as my primary objective


 Check this out At the top it

 Check this out

At the top it shows what you need to do to search when using the Other Attribute which is what i recommend to be used when searching for the advanced search features

This is on a search by search basis but it does work

Still a Problem

Well, my client stated that he tried everything from the docs and links I sent him from here, and says that it still doesn't work.  I know he didn't perform the registry entry for BCC Journaling on the Exchange server, which I feel is key to resolving this issue.  Any other suggestions?



 I would suggest that you go

 I would suggest that you go onsite or get remote access and test the feature yourself