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Cannot restore an item due to a server error.

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I have a customer who is trying to restore an item from a browser search.  She received the following error message when she clicks on the 'Restore' icon: 'Cannot restore an item due to a server error' . She is running Outlook 2007 SP3 and is using Client version  She is using IE 11 as her web browser.  I have checked the Event Logs on the EV Server and can't locate any entries for her user account name.  I have checked her Archive in VAC and she has automatic and manual access to her archive.  She has a 64 bit index and I have also run a 'ResetEVClient' on her pc. Any ideas?





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Hello Karl,

As you do not see issues on the server, the following might assist.

Restart the EV services. This sometimes helps.

If not, trace the client actions. follow Client Trace KB. It might be you notice something in the trace. when enabling the trace, restart Outlook, then immediately perform the action. that way your trace file does not get too polluted..

Regards. Gertjan