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Cant open archived items but can Forword


I have this problem with a few users in our company,
When they try opening an archived item, they se only the shortcut, however if they try forwording the message (without opening) they see the full mail in the message window.
Archive explorer works fine

I know this is a permission problem in the registry, couse i tryed giving the user full permitions on the REG and it solved the problem.

Can anyone narrow it down ?

Thanks - Daniel
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Re: Cant open archived items but can Forword

Are you using Outlook 2003 ?
do your users try to open others' user mailbox items ? if so add the option" Allow script to in shared mailbox" .


Re: Cant open archived items but can Forword

We have Outlook2003 SP1, and the user tries to open his own staff...

In any case I have some more diagnostics for this problem but still no solution:

I checked the forms folder in the user's local settings folder, and I saw that the forms aren't there.
I have the FORCEFORMRELOAD key set to 1, I tried coping them manually, and I also tried installing the forms locally but with no success!!

It seems as the user is unable to read the forms from the Organizational forms folder for some reason. If I set him as a local admin it solves the problem.
Just to remind, that the problem is locally on his computer!! If i open his profile on another machine everything works fine.


Re: Cant open archived items but can Forword

The admin rights is interesting and the fact that the forms cache doesn't get written.
It's almost like the user doesn't have sufficient rights to write to that area. Perhaps that's the issue?

Re: Cant open archived items but can Forword

Dodo thanks for the idea but it ain't that,
The user has permission to his entire documents and settings folder.

I also tried reinstalling Outlook, updating to SP2, reinstalling KVS.
The thing is, that any user I add to this machine has this problem - so it aint a user problem.

Do u know of the REG keys that manages the public forms?


Re: Cant open archived items but can Forword

You could use Regmon to see what is being accessed at the time.

Re: Cant open archived items but can Forword

Well after a long dig into the problem, I came up with this solution; I hope it will help others...

The HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID sometimes losses his default permissions, and therefore the user is unable to gain access and load the EV forms

To solve this you need to delete the usrclass.dat file from the users profile and from the default profile. Then login again and the file will be rebuilt form HKCR.

Here is a MS article concerning this issue

Good luck - Daniel