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Certificate mismatch error

Level 2

Whenever user users are trying to access the attachments from archived emails and are clicking the attachment link, they are being redirected to a webpage (Evault1 site) which is giving a Warning certificate error that the webpage is not using valid certificate. We have checked on the Evault server and the certificate (wild card certificate) is valid till 4/1/2018.

We have given a work around to the users to click on continue on the warning certificate and the attachment will be opened. Attaching screenshot of the warning.

Please let us know what needs to be done to resolve warning issue.


Level 6

The error states that the certificate is invalid because it was issued for a different address. The expiration date of the certificate is not in play here.

The most likely cause is that because of the DefaultWebAppURL, your client machines are accessing


while your wildcard certificate was obtained for a name like


which of course doesn't match. Hence the "Mismatched Address" error.

First, you should check that your DefaultWebAppURL matches the certificate name (e.g., something like, or else you'll have similar problems in other areas of the product. You can find the DefaultWebAppURL by searching for "DEFAULTWEBAPPURL =" in any client trace. If it doesn't match and needs to change, please open a case with Support and we'll walk you through the steps to change it.

Once the DefaultWebAppURL is set properly to match the name on the cert, it's time to update the links in all the shortcuts.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply. Could you please help me locate DefaultWebAppURL..

Level 5

Hi Iak,

on a client you can open the Enterprise Vault Information Windows (Just press Strg+Shift+ left Mouse Button on a EV Button of the Outlook AddIn). In the upcoming dialog windows you can open the Enterprise Vault informations where the DefaultWebAppURL is listed.


Found the URL from the client trace which is https://evault1/enterprisevault/, please let me know where the changes have to be made and how the URL should be as the certificate name is *

The fix for this requires modification of your SQL database. Please create a support case so one of our support engineers can walk you through it.