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Changing Retention period and EMC Centera

I have a tricky question. Customer has an EV setup, Vault store is on Centera. Centera is GE, retention period is set "For all Centera Models". EV is 10.0.4 version, but initial setup was 6 SP3...
Retention period was set to 6 years, no deletion allow. Now customer wants to shorten retention period from 6 to 5 years (on specific retention category) and expects that EV storage expiry process will delete items from archives (actually all references in SQL databases and correspond indexes) and Centera will short after clean all orphaned data with garbage collection. But I say that this scenario was valid to EV 8, after that (in EV 9, EV 10 and EV 11) storage expiry process will do nothing (why it is documented in Symantec KBs and So, who is right, I am confused. In one hand, Centera is there to retain items untached during retention period, in the other hand if you change retention period on legal way it should be updated for all contents. However, that is why are different versions of Centera. In addition, all is described and documented well before you make any decision...


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