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Changing the retention category does not retro-actively affect Enterprise Vault (EV) archived content

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The tech note TECH54410 titled 'Changing the retention category does not retro-actively affect Enterprise Vault (EV) archived content' is no longer found in/on the support site.

I need some steps from this article to submit a change request for modification of my Retention Catagories.

Does anyone know if the article has been replaced or is being revised?

Please let me know.

Thank you!


Its always something.


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we should be able to help with the steps but you're right, looks like the article no longer exists. i found this thread that might be helpful

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What version of Enterprise Vault are you running? With EV version 8.0 and above and If you are using EV shortcuts, you can create an EVPM folder in the mailboxes and configure the Moved Items tab under the Exchange Policy to update the retention category:


I hope this helps.

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I kinda have a similar situation. I need to go back and retag previously forever items to a 2 year tag.  From a previous post it was suggested to export all items out and then re-import. Unfortuantley that created duplicate items. :( 

If I create a EVPM in a mailbox I need to re-tag would I have to manually move items into that folder and then back to orginal folder or is the options in EVPM commands to do that?



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carl, using EVPM you would create a retention folder within the mailbox and then move shortcuts to that folder and leave them there. (if you move them back to the original folder, the items will get updated with the retention category of the original folder.) EVPM itself does not change archived items.

you might want to create your own thread for this issue.