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Checking any data miss on EV8



Our EV server harddisk have corruption (The EV server, not SQL). After running windows scan disk and fixed, it report some files may be lost or removed. How can I know the EV files status? Any tools can check on this?



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Hello Andy, To verify if you

Hello Andy,

To verify if you EV files are still there, you can use EVSVR.

I strongly advise to call support, and work with them for the actual configuration of the EVSVR settings.

EVSVR is described in the utilities guide.

Regards. Gertjan

Hi Andy, As GertjanA

Hi Andy,

As GertjanA mentioned, use EVSVR to verify the savesets in the Vault Store and to report any missing or corrupted data. Take a look at this technote for the steps:

How to use EVSVR to verify savesets in the vault store database

Also, if you need to perform any repair operations, open a case with technical support for further assistance.

I hope this helps.

let us know how you come

let us know how you come along with this